Project CIRCLE is a Erasmus supported project, part of the KA2 Strategic Partnerships Programme. The CIRCular economy though integrated LEarning in VET, has been developed to support trainers in vocational training, introduce the concepts of the circular economy to students in the toursim, transport and agricultural sectors.

The European Commission has launched its Green Deal to make Europe’s economy sustainable and boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and to restore biodiversity and cut pollution.

A key element of this roadmap is the wide promotion of the circular economy to reduce waste, and minimise the use of raw materials.

The project focuses on four business sectors: tourism, transport, agriculture and construction. Each sector is a major employer across Europe and the opportunities for greater efficiencies is significant.

The circular economy embraces resource efficiency business models to avoid the consumption of our natural resources, through waste avoidance, reuse and recycling.


A pool of people and organisations that mixes expertise, knowledge and specific know-how.

The proposal presents a consortium representing an excellent example of European cooperative development.

A chance for all the participants to learn from each other and an opportunity to work on different perspective, mixing education, research and business.