The project has developed a number of training resources in each of the key sectors of tourism, transport, construction and agriculture. Each toolkit is designed for use by VET educators to encourage students to develop an understanding of the circular economy in the context of their own workplace and future career.

Four toolkits have been produced – one for each sector. Each toolkit contains the following:

  • A set of 6 generic training units introducing the principles of the circular economy
  • A set of 8 sector specific training units applying CE.

The units consist of powerpoint presentations that can be downloaded and used by trainers. The generic training modules are also given as HTML content links on this website.

A readiness tool quiz has also been produced for use by the students to test their readiness knowledge.

All the above has been developed and provided in english, spanish, italian, turkish and lithuanian.

To support the trainer, the project has produced lesson plans for the units.

Overall we would expect the delivery of each toolkit to take around 20 hours of learning experience for the student.

A guidance document has been provided for trainers for download